“Nora Rothman is taking on the patriarchy.”

"Mesmerizing...'Nora's lyrics are emotional. They can break your heart and make you feel stuff.'"

"Singer/songwriter Nora Rothman was clearly born to be an entertainer."

"Rothman’s beautiful sophistication has remedies of Norah Jones, Dillon and Sarah Jaffe, and it is simply breath taking."

“It's hard to say whether the best part of her work is that it was created by exclusively womxn or that, with its blend of dream-pop gauziness and 70's folk motifs, it's a pure delight to listen to—or maybe each these things uplifts the other, ultimately creating something truly great and profoundly relevant for our times.”

"Rothman’s upcoming release is a stunning one that channels a contemporary rawness into acoustic, 70s-esque arrangements."